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50 Ways to Personal Development 

A Children's History of Malaysia
Adjectives & Adverbs- Vital Word Group made Easy
A New Perspective on the Dao De Jing

Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Corporate Planning
Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Customer Service
Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Human Resource Management
Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Managing your Children
Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Managing your Money
Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Marketing
Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Selling
Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Winning
Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Managing your Marriage
Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Corporate Politics  
Asean Relations with Dialogue Partners  
Asia in the 21st Century  
Asia-Pacific Strategic Outlook  
As I Was Saying  

Basic Chinese for Everyone
Beyond Taijiquan- Supremacy of the Tai-Chi Mind

Baby & Child Medical Care: The Most Complete Up-to-date & Easy-to-use 
Banking & You: Your Essential Guide to Banking in Malaysia  
Banking Securities in Malaysia
Basic Shiatzu: the Ancient Art of Finger Pressure Massage
Biographical Dictionary of the Chinese in Malaysia  
Bioresource Utilization - the Biotechnology Option for Malaysia  
Body Fortunes  
Body Talk: The Skills of Positive Image  
Bringing Up Children in Troubled Times  
Building Information Systems in the Islamic World  
Bulls & Bears:A Strategic Guide to the World of Stocks and Shares  
Business of Banking in Malaysia, The  
Business Warfare  

Caste Consciousness among Indian Tamils in Malaysia
CEO Malaysia- Strategy in Nation Building
Challenges of Turmoil, The
Challenge, The
Challenge, The
Changing Civil Service: Malaysia's Competitive Edge, The  
Chemical Prospecting in the Malaysian Forest  
Chief Secretary to the Government, Malaysia, The  
Child Development: Preschool Children  
Children of the East  
Chinese Animal Symbolisms 
Chinese, The
Chinese Art of Exercise to a Healthy and Long life, The  
Chinese Art of Studying the Head, Face and Hands, The  
Chinese Art of Walking: Walking Kung
Chinese Astrology: Early Chinese Occultism  
Chinese Beliefs & Practics in Southeast Asia  
Chinese Elemental Astrology  
Chinese Foods for Longevity: The Art of Long Life  
Chinese for Everyone  
Chinese Gods  
Chinese Hand Analysis  
Chinese Herbal Patent Formulas: A Practical Guide  
Chinese Names  
Chinese Pakua: An Expose, The  
Chinese System of Food Cures: Prevention and Remedies  
Chinese System of Natural Cures  
Chinese System of Self-healing, The  
Chinese Way to Fitness, Beautiful Skin, Weight Loss & High Energy   
Christianity in Malaysia: A Denominal History  
Civil Court in Action, The  
Civil Service Reforms: Towards Malaysia's Vision 2020  
Common Medical Problems in Children: An Indispensable Guide for Parents  
Common Mistakes in English  
Company Director's Guidebook, The
Concepts of Islamic Ummah and Shariah  
Condominiums: Purchase, Investment and Habitat  
Consumption Taxes in Malaysia: Towards a Value Added Tax  
Correct English Grammar- English Grammar made Easy
Corporate Foreign Exchange Exposure Management: Avoid Unforseen Losses Due to Forex Fluctuations
Corporate Planning  
Cory: Profile of A President  
Creativity for Managers  
Crimson Sun Over Borneo

Daim: Insan di sebalik Enigma  
Daim Speaks His Mind  
Diam: The Man Behind the Enigma  
Dark Demon Rising  
Dealing with the Malaysia Civil Service  
Development and Distribution in Islam  
Development: An Islamic Perspective  
Development of Bilingual Education in Malaysia  
Developments in Malaysian Law  
Diaspora and Identity- The Sociology of Culture in Southeast Asia
Dictionary and Guide to English Grammar  
Dictionary of Investment Terms  
Dictionary of Malaysian Business  
Dictionary of Similes, Idioms, metaphors and Proverbs  
Diet and Diabetes  
Dimensions of Tradition and Development in Malaysia  
Discipline without Shouting or Spanking  
Discipline, Grievance & Dismissal  
Documentary Credits (Letters of Credit)  
Dog Satyricon, The  
Doing Business in East Asia  
Dream of Freedom: The Early Sarawak Chinese, A  
Dumb Money Investing  

E-Government in Malaysia
Economic Development in Islam  
Economic Con-Game- Development Fact or Fiction? , The
Effective Business Letters
English for Malaysians   
English Essentials (9 titles/set)
English Essentials- The Easy Way
English Sentence Structure- English Sentences made Easy

English for Everyone: Mastering English at Your Own Pace and Time  
Essays in Malaysian Law  
Essays in Singapore Law  
Essential Communication Skills  
Ethnic Chameleon: Contemporary Multiracial Politics in Malaysia, The  
Evaluation of Training  
Every Pregnancy  
Evidence: Practice and Procedures  
Express Way to Success: Image Positioning  
Eye Over the Golden Sands, The  

Face Fortunes  
Faces in the Corridors of Power  
Feng Shui for Today  
Fen Shui: The Way to Harmony  
Festival of Hungry Ghosts  
Festivals of Malaysia  
Filipino for Everyone  
Finance and Budgeting for the Line Manager  
Financing and Practice of Domestic & International Trade  
Flexible Wage System  
Foreign Direct Investment
For the Sake of Peace  
Formulating a National Policy for Library & Information Services: The Malaysian Experience  
Fruits as Medicine
Fundamentals of Small Business Management  

Gelaran & Peraturan Melakukan Tataadab  
Ghafar Baba: A Biography  
Goh Chok Tong: Singapore's New Premier  
Globalisation and the New Realities
Gorbachev and the Asia Pacific Region  
Grammar Made Easy: Guide to Mastering English Grammar
Great Mums! Great Kids!  
Guide to Asset Securitisation in Malaysia

His Majesty: Sultan Azlan Shah  
How to Conduct a Domestic Inquiry  
How to interpret Financial Statements

I Want to Speak Like You: Teaching a Hearing-impaired Child to Speak  
'I' of the Hurricane: Creating Corporate Energy, The  
Implementing Projects 
Insurance Law Manual- The Authoritative Guide  
Indian Classical Dancing: The Therapeutic Advantages  
Inner Peace  
Interpersonal Skills: Developing Successful Communcation 
Islam and Business  
Islamic Gold Dinar , The
Islam and the Western Philosophy of Knowledge  
Islamic Banking: Concepts and Applications  
Islamic Banking: Rules and Regulations  
Islamic Astronomy  
Islamic Finance: Partnership Financing  
Islamic Law of Evidence  
Islamic Marketing Strategy: Eradicating Rural Poverty in Malaysia  

Japanese for Everyone  
Judicial Misconduct  

Landmarks of Selangor
Langkawi: The Hub of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thiland Growth Triangle  
Law of Domestic Inquiries and Dismissals, The  
Leading Issues in Islamic Banking & Finance  
Leading Projects  
Legendary Chinese Healing Herbs  
Letters at Work  
Living with Cancer  

Mahathir Mohamad: A Visionary & His Vision Of Malaysia's K-Economy
Mahathir Mohamad on the Multimedia Super Corridor
Makeup for Success  
Making Meetings Work  
Making Money in the Stock Market  
Malay for Everyone  
Malay Society: Transformation and Demcratisation  
Malay Queries  
Malayan Special Force: In the Heart of Africa, The  
Mastering English- The Easy Way
Malaysia's Socioeconomic Challenges -Debating Public Policy Issues
Malaysia's Economic Sustainability
Malaysia's Agricultural Transformation  
Malaysia's Capital Market: Growth & Opportunities  
Malaysia's Defence & Foreign Policies  
Malaysia's Economic Development: Policy and Reform  
Malaysia's Economic Success  
Malaysia's Economic Vision: Issues and Challenges  
Malaysia's Economy in the Nineties  
Malaysia's Exclusive Economic Zone: A Study in Legal Aspects  
Malaysia's Vision 2020: Understanding the Concept, Implications and Challenges  
Malaysia: Beyond Communal Politics  
Malaysia Chinese towards Vision 2020, The  
Malaysian Flavours  
Malaysian Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases  
Malaysian Public Law  
Malaysian Securities Market  
Malaysian Tax Policy: Applied General Equilibrium Analysis  
Malaysian Taxation: Administration, Investigation and Compliance  
Management Challenges  for Malaysian Companies
Management Strategies for Vision 2020  
Managing Effectively  
Managing for High Performance  
Managing Personal Development  
Managing the Malaysian Economy: Pitfalls, Challenges and Opportunities  
Marine Biotechnology Research in Malaysia: A Directory  
Maritime Economy of Malaysia, The  
Maritime Sector and the Malaysian Economy, The
Modern Living with Feng Shui
Money is My Friend
Money-making Investments: Your Broker Doesn't Tell You About  
Multiple Choice Questions on Parasitology 1, 2 and 3  
Muslim Community in Britain, The  

Nadra Tragedy: The Maria Hertogh Controversy, The  
New Wave University, The  
Nouns & Pronouns- Important Word Groups made Easy

Off the Bench  
On the Bench  
Origin of the Chinese People, The  
Origins of Chinese Kongsi, The  

P.Ramlee- The Bright Star
Pacific Rim in the 21st Century: Alliances and Collaborations in the Asia-Pacific, The  
Paediatric Picture Test  
Paediatric Problems in Tropical Countries  
Paying for Performance  
Pelanduk Chinese Pocket Interpreter  
Pelanduk Comprehensive Malay-Japanese Dictionary
Pelanduk English-Japanese-Malay Phrase Book  
Pelanduk Pocket Dictionary of Correct English Usage  
Pelanduk Pocket Dictionary of English Expressions  
Pelanduk Pocket Dictionary of Financial and Business Terms  
Pelanduk Pocket Dictionary of Synonums and Antonyms  
Pelanduk Pocket English-Chinese Phrase Book  
Pelanduk Pocket English Dictionary  
Pelanduk Pocket English-Vietnamese Phrase Book  
Pelanduk Pocket Everyday Japanese Dictionary  
Pelanduk Pocket Everyday Korean Dictionary  
Pelanduk Pocket Fingertip Chinese  
Pelanduk Pocket Fingertip Japanese  
Pelanduk Pocket Instant Malay  
Pelanduk Pocket Japanese-Malay-English Technical Dictionary  
Pelanduk Pocket Malay Dictionary  
Pelanduk Pocket Malay-Japanese-English Dictionary  
Pelanduk Pocket Vietnamese Dictionary  
Penang into the 21st Century  
Personnel Management Manual  
Personnel Kit, The  
Personnel Policies: The Art of Attracting, Motivating and Keeping People  
Planning Projects: 20 Steps to Effective Project Planning  
Poverty Amidst Plenty  
Poverty and Household Economic Strategies in Malaysian New Villages  
Practical Feng Shui for the Home  
Practical Guide to Team Building, A  
Practical Guilde to the Skills of Mentoring, A  
Prepositions, Conjunctions & Punctuation Marks- Vital Word Groups made Easy   
Public Sector Administration and Management  

Qi Gong Therapy 

Rape of Martha Teoh and Other Chilling Stories, The  
Razaleigh: Cita-cita dan Perjuangan
Readings in the Concept & Methodology of Islamic Economics  
Reflections on Asia
Religious Harmony
Review of Diseases in Malaysia, A  
Roots of Chinese Culture & Medicine  
Rules of Speaking: Verbal Interactions at Play  

Sarawak Awakens: Taib Mahmud's Politics of Development  
Sayap-Kinabalu Park Sabah  
Secrets of Ancient Chinese Art of Motivation  
Secret of Chinese Astrology  
Senoi-English/English-Senoi Dictionary   
Singapore Banking & You: Your Essential Guide to Banking and International Trade in Singapore  
Sleep without Drugs  
Spectrum of Chinese Culture  
Spelling Made Easy  
Straits of Malacca: International Cooperation in Trade, Funding and Navigational Safety, The  
Staff Induction  
Strata Title  in  Malaysia
Strenghtening the Malaysian Economy: Policy Changes and Reforms
Stress Management for You  
Success For Everyone
Sun Tzu's Ancient Art of Golf  
Sun Tzu's Art of War  
Sun Tzu & Management  
Sun Tzu: The Keeper of CEO's Conscience  
Surviving in Times of Crisis

Tai Chi Ch'uan: The Chinese Way  
Tan Chee Khoon: An Elder Statesman  
Tan Chee Khoon: From Village Boy to Mr. Opposition  
Tan Cheng Lock: The Straits Legislator and Chinese Leader (1923-1935)  
Taoist Body, The  
Tawau Hills Park Sabah  
Time and Workload Management    
Tools of  the Bull: How to Make Big Money in Bull Markets  
Traditional Art of Chinese Fortune Reading, The
Training Your Staff  
Tropical Trees and Shrubs Planting: A Practical Guide  
Tun Sardon Jubir  
Tying the Tubes: A Guide for Women Considering Sterilisation  

Understanding Children  
Upholding the Integrity of the Civil Service  

Values and Development in Southeast Asia  
Vegetables as Medicine
Verbs & Tenses- Vital Word Group made Easy
Vietnamese for Everyone  
Villa Shen: An Old Shanghai Story  
Vision & Leadership: Values and Strategies Towards Vision 2020  

War at Work  
Well-being for Women  
Whither PAP's Dominance?: An Analysis of Singapore's 1991 General Elections  
Women & Develpment in Malaysia  
Words Cannot Equal Experience  
Working with a Secretary: A Manager's Guide  
Working with Management  
Worms: The Forgotten Enemy  
Wiring a Report  

Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, The  
Your Good Health  

Zopfan & the New Security Order in the Asia-Pacific Region 

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