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Category : Law And Taxation
Ong Kok Bin 
This is a highly readable book presented in a simple and lucid style without sacrificing legal authority and accuracy.  An introduction to the Malaysian legal system and the operation of the litigation process of the writ of summons, the most common kind of proceeding in the judicial process, is discussed.  The various stages of the litigation process, from the preparation and issue of the writ to the trial itself and to the enforcement of the judgement, is dealt with at length. 
1995: 281pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 506 8: US$59.00 

Purchase, Investment & Habitat  
Halim Abdullah 
The purpose of this book is to tell you everything that the condominium developer should have but never told you about the purchasing of condominiums, particularly the social and legal issues involved, such as ownership title and the by-laws and rights under the sale and purchase agreement.  We are forced to rely on the condominium model and the layout plans in the glossy advertising brochures for all the information we need.  Unfortunately, such little information may not be all that reliable.  In choosing the right condominium, the prospective condominium buyer should consider such factors as design, lighting, location, price, market conditions, future rental yields and the property developer's reputation and expertise. 
1996: 194pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 562 9: US$12.90 

Towards a Value Added Tax 
Inderjit Singh Randhawa, Khalid Ahmad, Boon Oon Seang 
This is the first single comprehensive book on four taxes, namely the sales tax, the service tax, the excise duty and the gaming tax.  An understanding of the these taxes has become all the more important since the proposal was made by the Malaysian Government to integrate the sales tax and service tax into a broad based consumption tax called the Sales and Service Tax (SST).  The book explains clearly and concisely the various aspects of the taxes including the law, the advantages and disadvantages, the scope, the estimates, the workings, as well as the administration and appeals with suggestions for improved and smooth transition from the present tax system to SST.  
1994: 88pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 430 4: US$39.00 

A collection of legal essays that reflects the breadth and depth of changes and reforms that have taken place in the various branches of Malaysian law.  It provides an overview of the major changes in the Malaysian legal landscape.  Just about every aspect of the Malaysian legal system has, during the past twenty years, been subject to scrutiny, modification and review. 1992:  476pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 400 2: US$89.00 

R.H. Hickling - With a foreword by Tun Mohd Sufflan 
This book serves to remind us why some of Malaysia's laws are what they are today.  Certain principles are universal and transcends national frontiers.  In a democracy, these principles are the supremacy of the constitution and the separation of powers so that no single person has all the legislative, executive and judicial powers. 
1991: 273pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 385 5: US$69.00 

R.H. Hickling 
A collection of legal essays set against the colourful backdrop of Singapore and Malaysia's history.  It reminds us of the universal principles that animate a society and why some of our laws have come to be what they are today.  The variety of subjects treated are of perennial interest and should appeal to those who take an intelligent interest in the legal, judicial, constitutional and political developments in Singapore and Malaysia. 
1992: 278pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 421 5: US$69.00 

Practice and Procedures 
Augustine Paul 
This book is the first A-Z practical and comprehensive manual to the Law of Evidence Act, 1950 and its subsequent amendments up to 1993.  It explains section-by-section of the Act, and each is supported by cases and the decisions held by learned judges in Malaysia as well as those in the Commonwealth.  It also includes detailed explanation of definitions and terms used.  Lawyers and Law students will benefit greatly from this manual for it saves them man-hours in searching through voluminous law reports and journals when they are supporting a statement or defending a case.  It is a must in every law library.  
1994: 796pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 500 9: US$169.00 

Sayed Sikandar Shah Haneef 
AI-Iqrar (admission/confession) is one of the principal method of establishing liability or guilt of an accused person in Islamic Law of Evidence.  For an lqrar to become a base for a legal decision, it must satisfy certain conditions and qualifications as set out by the Muslim jurists, particularly if such lqrar is made in respect of criminal violations.  This book will provide valuable assistance for both the students of and legal practitioners who have no access to Arabic texts on the subject.  
1994: 100pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 460 6: US$49.00 

Peter Alderidge William Q.C. 
This book includes exclusive interviews with the Prime Minister, the present Lord President, The Attorney-General and the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.  These frank and hard-hitting interviews shed new light on the tumultuous events which accompanied the dismissal of Tun Salleh Abas, the Lord President of the Malaysian Supreme Court in August 1988. 
1990: 272pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 318 9: US$29.00 

Malaysian Public Law offers an introduction ot the public law of Malaysia. public law is that section of law which is devoted to the machinery of the Constitution as it stands (which may be called ' constitutional law) and that which is concerned with that machinery in motion (which may be called administrative law).  Public law, therefore, deals with the legal side of the politics of Malaysia. 
1997: 233pp 
Hb: 967 978 597 1: US$69.00 

Applied General Equilibrium Analysis  
Barjoyai Bardai 
This book highlights certain issues in Direct taxation, Indirect taxation and focuses particularly on Corporate Tax in Malaysia and Value Added Tax.  As an introduction to Malaysian Tax Policy some literature review on tax policy, tax reform and General Equilibrium model are included in the early chapters.  A general overview analysis of the Malaysian Tax system is also made to set the clear direction before the simulation exercise.  The book introduces General Equilibrium analysis in the tax reform evaluation effort in making our future tax reform proposals more credible. 
1993: 306pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 420 7: US$89.00 

Administration, Investigation and Compliance 
Jeyapalan Kasipillai and Bala Shanmugam 
This comprehensive book emphasises the various aspects of tax evasion, investigation and compliance.  These are treated thoroughly giving the latest cases, new developments and relevant examples.  The text is based on personal involvement in investigation and lectures delivered on the subject at various institutions of higher learning and in specialised seminar presentations on taxation. 
1996: 215pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 559 9: US$89.00 

Tun Dato' Seri Abdul Hamid Omar 
This book is a collection of some of the lectures, speeches and keynote address which the author delivered both at format and informal gatherings spanning a period of over a decade when not on the Bench.  During that time, the author was serving as the Chief Justice of the High Court of Malaya (1984-1988) and as Lord President of the Supreme Court of Malaysia (1988-1994). 
1996: 375pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 545 9: US$69.00 

Tun Dato' Seri Abdul Hamid Omar 
This is a compilation of the judgments Tun Dato' Seri Abdul Hamid Omar had delivered from 1968 to 1994 in the course of his service in the judiciary as a Judge of the High Court of Malaya, later as Chief Justice (Malaya) and finally as the Lord President of the Supreme Court (later renamed Federal Court). 
I1996: 1070pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 573 4: US$139.00 

Syed Ahmad Idid 
This is a useful book with practical guidance and examples on how to communicate rules to employees and subordinates; draw up disciplinary regualtions and procedures and operate them; and obtain effective efficiency from the workforce, both the top echelon as well as staff at the shopfioor or branch level. 
1997: 263pp Revised 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 207 7: US$59.00