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Category : General
Chiam Heng Keng 
This book helps parents to understand the psychology and behaviour of children.  Suggestions on crucial parenting tasks such as disciplining children, teaching them responsibility and enhancing their self-esteem are also provided.  Besides discussing the factors that contribute to the physical, psychological and sexual abuse of children, it also examines giftedness in children.  The complex needs of adolescents and their problems are also explored by emphasising the importance of the family structure in helping them cope with the difficulties and changes they encounter during this critical period of their lives. 
1994: 292pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 438 X: US$12.90 
R.H. Hickling 
Japanese forces were advancing across Southeast Asia and the Pacific in 1942, crushing all that stood in their way.  Against this onslaught, British and American government officials were compelled to escape into the jungle to reach the safety of neutral territory.  Some succeeded, others failed. 
1997: 304pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 555 6: US$12.90 
Tunku Halim 
From the marvellously dark imagination of Malaysia's up-and-coming writer of horror fiction, a terrifying novel of a thousand nightmares 
The Demon coldly waits ... Shazral Abas' father is dying.  Holding the hand of a child, a drowned child ... He returns to the kampung to confront the dark memories of childhood and to face the terrible demon that has been waiting for him all these years.  It will wait for the man ... 
But first he must covet a strange inheritance, an inheritance that may destroy him and allow the demon to freely feast upon the human race.  With fingers to rip out his heart.  In a titanic struggle of good against evil, Shazral finds himself in a dangerous battle with a hideous and awesome power that will drive him to the realms of despair and the borders of hell. 
1997: 227pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 608 0: US$12.90 
Hugh Hickling 
The author, a member of the Royal Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, has written a delightful collection of short stories.  All the stories in this book were told by one narrator or another at the veranda of the Club, long the citadel of British good form and snobbery.  The short stories in this collection spring from the author's rich background of life and experiences in fascinating places such as Malaysia, Singapore, South Arabia, Thailand, Gibraltar, Sri Lanka@ Yemen and Fiji, and in the British Navy during the Second World War. 
1994: 162pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 491 6: US$12.90 
R.H. Hickling 
This book concerned with the lives of those engaged in administering a small British Colony in the Far East.  The Governor and his Councillors are brilliantly depicted as men committed to maintaining a status quo, yet inwardly aware that the phase of history they represent is fast drawing to a close. 
1997: 278pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 554 8: US$12.90 
Mohd Najib Tun Razak 
This is an illustrative account of Malaysia's involvement in the Bosnian war peace process.  It closely looks at the peacekeeping mission and portrays the actual situations of war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina, the destructions, the death, the sadness and the stories beyond description of words. 
1996: 135pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 579 3: US$49.00 
Lim Kean Siew 
This book is an attempt to remove some of the misunderstandings that have grown like cobwebs throughout the ages to cloud the true nature of meditation through indifferent explanations, superstitions and mysteries surrounding the subject due to the use of animal symbolisms and animism to explain abstract and philosophical thoughts to primitive peoples.  Mediation must be experienced to be understood.  It is the power of the mind over matter. 
1994: 261pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 474 6: US$14.90 
lnsights Into Things Malaysian  
Lee Su Kim 
Why you so dat one?  Aiksy only.  Want to carry big like... tink 1 donno-ah?  The foreigner might be stumped but no local will miss what the speaker means.  Vivid expressions aside, Lee shows up the unique points of Malaysian behaviour, dressing, foods, traits and way of life.  From highway horrors to the nostalgic memory of watching her Nyonya grandmother dress, she captures the essence of being Malaysian.  
1996: 236pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 517 3: US$12.90 
Lim Kean Siew 
This is an intimate portrait of a Straits Chinese family in Penang, part of a unique and fascinating community in the social fabric of Malaya, beginning with the years just before World War 1 and ending with World War 11 and the Japanese Occupation.  It weaves not only a rich tapestry of characters and conflicts within a family, but also a memorable, detailed picture of the society that dictated that life.  Set against a period of British colonialism and a world in transition, it draws you into a life, a culture and a colourful period in history. 
1997: 236pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 567 X: US$12.90 
In The Heart Of Africa  
Tan Siew Soo 
It was a unique episode in Malaysian history in August 1960 when the country was invited to serve the United Nations by sending a Special Force to Congo, then another newly independent but strife-torn country.  This book tries to record in chronological order the events of the Malayan Special Force from the time of its inception until its disbandment in May 1963. 
1989: 107pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 280 8: US$39.00 
Tunku Halim 
Evil is everywhere.  In the shady bungalows, in the spiralling apartment blocks, in the festering drains down the sun-baked, humid streets.  
It comes in all shapes and guises.  Meet the lustful seducer ... the bloodthirsty vampire ... the rich, jealous Datuk.  Somewhere a man is haunted by memories of the war-torn jungles of Malaya, another is taken over 400 years back in time, a boy is haunted by the spectre of an old man, a woman is raped once and forever.  Evil is everywhere ... and it is always watching. 
1997: 199pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 609 9: US$12.90 
A Practical Guide 
Ong Guan Teck 
This book has been conceived with the purpose of providing quick, easy reference for plant lovers and others interested in the wide variety of beautiful plant materials that are available for landscape usage.  At the moment, there is no such book on this subject which deals with tropical trees, shrubs and palms in one volume.  This practical guide will stimulate an awareness amongst property developers and garden enthusiasts alike of the vital role landscape planting play in the years to come. 
1997: 86pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 611 0: US$39.00