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Category : Biography
Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid 
"This book succinctly describes the role of the Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia in the context of a dynamic and changing civil service.  That the experiences and accounts of past and current Chief Secretary have been compiled and presented in a coherent manner is illustrative of Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji's disposition towards maintaining excellence and ensuring that various aspects of the civil service are appropriately recorded.  His tireless effort has yielded results that will benefit not only the civil service but also the general public.  This book provides an insightful information about the office of the Chief Secretary, thereby dispelling any myths shrouding this office. 1 have no doubt that this book will prove useful to members of the civil service, besides being an excellent source for research on administration in the Malay states and Malaysia." - Dr Mohathir bin Mohamad  
1996: 425pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 591 2: US$49.00 
Lee Kam Hing and Chow Man Seong 
Looking up biographical data of Malaysian personalities can be a daunting task.  Now, through this new biographical dictionary, there is easy access to abbreviated life-stories of several hundred Chinese who were important within their community and in the larger Malaysian society.  The biographies suggest that amidst the changes, there are elements of continuities.  Networks of relationship and the drive to succeed are some of the features identifiable among the prominent individuals of the past.  In all, the carefully researched entries in this dictionary will be an extremely useful reference to teachers and scholars. 
1997: 211 pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 565 3: US$89.00 
CORY - Profile Of A President  
Isabelo T Crisostomo 
This book is about Cory Aquino, the President of the Philippines, and what makes her tick.  It narrates in detail her background and educational qualifications, to give the reader an insight into the President's character and intellectual preparation.  The author portrays Mrs Aquino, wife of assassinated opposition leader Ninoy Aquino, as an ordinary housewife who underwent a deep transformation to become leader of fifty-four million Filipinos. 
1987:  328pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 162 3: US$39.00 
Cheong Mei Sui and Adibah Amin 
This is a candid portrait of a man who has long perplexed political and economic analysts at home and abroad.  Tun Daim Zainuddin, Malaysia's Finance Minister (1984-1991), a successful entrepreneur before he joined the Government, confounded prophets of doom when he revived a recession-hit economy and set its feet on the path to new heights.  Speculation has been rife on the extent of his political influence, his invisible role in crucial events, his relationships with big players in the power game. 
1995: 202pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 521 1: US$39.00 
Pb: Chinese Edition: US$12.90 
Daim Speaks His Mind offers an insight into the thinking of Malaysia's sixth and most controversial Finance Minister, Tun Daim Zainuddin.  He is credited for reviving Malaysia's recession-hit economy which registered minus growth in the mid 1980s, setting the nation on a sound footing for greater growth.  Acknowledged at home and abroad as the man who confounded the prophets of doom, Daim remains a mind to reckon with.  This book encompasses the more important speeches he made.  A man of few words, Daim speaks with a succinct candour and a wry humour which make riveting reading. 
1996: 168pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 550 5: US$39.00 
Cheong Mei Sui & Adibah Amin 
Buku ini memberi gambaran terus terang tentang seorang tokoh yang telah lama mambingungkan penganalisis politik den ekonomi di dalam den di luar negara.  Tun Daim Zainuddin, Menteri Kewangan Malaysia (1984-1991), seorang usahawan yang berjaya sebelum menyertai Kabinet telah membuktikan keupayaannya memulihkan ekonomi yang dilanda kemelesetan den membimbingnya ke tahap yang lebih tinggi.  Keupayaan beliau merupakan suatu enigma yang masih belum tersingkap den masih meniadi sebutan ramai. 
1996: 219pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 577 7: US$1.90 
GHAFAR BABA - A Biography  
Alias Mohamed 
"This book is a piece about Ghafar the Politician and some of his better known exploits written in a journalistic, almost pedestrian, fashion.  It is, therefore, very easy to read.  However, the views and comments selected about Ghafar, whoever made them, require dissection and analysis in the context of current, dominant sociopolitical patterns, if they are to do justice to posterity who shall inherit the consequences of some of the contributions made directly or indirectly by this illustrious son of Malaysia." - Tan Sri Muhammad Ghazaii Shafie  
1993: 114pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 483 3: US$12.90 
GOH CHOK TONG - Singapore's New Premier  
Alan Chong 
Goh Chok Tong succeeded Lee Kuan Yew as Singapore's Prime Minister on November 28, 1990.  What sort of Premier will Goh be after charismatic, towering Lee Kuan Yew?  Is he a mere seat-warmer?  Why did he appoint Lee Hsien Loong, Acting Prime Minister in his absence?  Can he work with Lee who is now in his Cabinet as a Senior Minister?  Will Singapore reach greater heights of progress? 
1991: 163pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 357 X: US$12.90 
HIS MAJESTY - Sultan Azlan Shah  
Khoo Kay Kim 
Born almost four hundred years after the founding of the Perak Sultanate, His Majesty Sultan Azlan Muhibbudin Shah stands like a Colossus in the annals of modern Malaysian history.  This book goes beyond listing his many achievements; it is a riveting attempt to place him in the cultural complex of the ancient Malay polity and to understand more of Azlan Shah, the man. 
1991: 178pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 373 1: US$169.00 
The Maria Hertogh Controversy  
Religious fanaticism, race and a newly emergent nationalism form a potent backdrop to this gripping, real-life drama about the two women who fought for the custody of a thirteen-year-old girl in the post-war Colony of Singapore.  The author recounts the tragic affair with grace and simplicity, drawing upon exhaustive research in both Singapore and Holland.  Today, more than thirty-five years after it faded into history, the story provides us with timely reminder of how easily the very fabric of a society can be ripped apart by the unwise handling of sensitive issues. 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 287 5: US$12.90 
From Village Boy To Mr Opposition  
Tan Chee Khoon 
One cannot talk about the Opposition Party in Malaysia without mentioning Dr Tan Chee Khoon - once known as Mr Opposition.  No one deserves that title as much as he.  This book is an inspiring and insightful self-portrait of a man who is the living embodiment of the Malaysian success story.  It is about the life and times of Tan Chee Khoon by the man himself - a Malaysian politician who is widely regarded for his continuing efforts to avoid the politics of ethnic chauvinism by promoting multiracialism.  It describes his very humble beginnings in llth Mile Cheras, a small Chinese settlement, to become the most revered and widely respected elder statesman by both government and opposition leaders. 
1991: 331 pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 382 0: US$12.90 
An Elder Statesman 
Raj Vasil 
Tan Chee Khoon is well known to Malaysians for his outspoken views on current issues.  This book covers the story of Dr Tan Chee Khoon's life from his birth to a poor working class couple living in a small Chinese settlement in 1919, his education at Kajang High School, and later at the King Edward Vil College of Medicine, Singapore, to his early contributions to education and the Malaysian Methodist Church, and his involvement in Malaysian Politics. 
1991:181 pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 160 7: US$7.90 
The Straits Legislator And Chinese Leader (1923-1935)  
Yeo Siew Siang 
This book focuses on Tan Cheng Lock's role as a leader of the Chinese and their spokesman in the Straits Settlements Legislative Council during the formative years of modern multiracial Malaya.  In relating Tun Tan's efforts, the author touches on the wider canvas of the British's race policy, the social and economic life of the Chinese, and the political disunity of the Chinese during the said period.  
1990: 87pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 236 0: US$39.00 
Cecilia Tan 
This is an authorised biography of a highly respected Malaysian statesman, Tun Haji Sardon bin Jubir.  This book discusses his role in UMNO Youth in the 1950s and early 1960s as well as his contributions to the nation while holding many important cabinet portfolios.  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 109 7: US$12.90 
Lee Siow Mong 
This is the personal memoir of the late Tan Sri Lee Slow Mong, extraordinary man of letters, highly respected authority on Chinese culture and philosophy, distinguished civil servant and diplomat, to list only some of the outstanding facets of a truly remarkable personage.  
1985: 165pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 067 8: US$11.90 
VILLA SHEN - An Old Shanghai Story  
Peter Shen 
This book transports the reader to Old Shanghai through the experiences of the Shens, an old Catholic family dating back to the 17th century.  With the benefit of rare photographs, the reader is exposed to a family saga that is full of joy and sadness, laughter and tears, along with an unforgettable tour of Shanghai's night life-its dancehalls, theatres and brothels; and Shanghai's business world-its department stroes, famous hotels and giant conglomerates, including the renowned Sasson Enterprise.  An exciting and colourful bygone era of Old Shanghai comes to life on the pages of this book. 
1997: 112pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 598 X: US$39.00