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Category : Management And Business
Andrew Forrest  
50 Ways to Personal Development outlines fifty different ways to develop yourself.  It will help to increase awareness of the wide range of ways to increase personal and professional potential.  This practical and easy-to-read book looks at everything from studying for a professional qualification to acting as a host or hostess to visitors, and provides invaluable information which individuals need to know to develop themselves and create new opportunities.  
Andrew Forrest is the Director of Human Resources at the Industrial Society, the largest independent advisory and training organisation in the United Kingdom.  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 589 0: US$8.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia    
Khoo Kheng-Hor  
This book takes a refreshing look at corporate politics which, through the link-up with Sun Tzu's military treatise, is in fact only a continuation of the old art of court intrigue.  Spiced with real-life illustrations and observations, it is written in a breezy style that allows for easy reading, understand and retention.  By drawing inspiration from Sun Tzu's tested strategies in your business encounters, you will find surviving and thriving in the cut-and-thrust of the corporate battlefield so much easier.   
1995: 157pp  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 543 2: US$39.00  
Pb: US$14.90    
A Handbook for bankers, senior executives, businessmen, lawyers and judges  
Ong Kok Bin  
Securities constitute a very important part in a financial institution's deliberation of a borrower's request for a loan besides the borrower's character, integrity and creditworthiness.  The borrower must be able to keep his part of the transaction and honour his repayment schedule.  Should his financial capacity deteriorate, the financial institution can still fall back on the security on collateral offered by the borrower.  This is a guide to the underlying principles of banking securities as evidence of indebtedness, their purposes and how they operate such as what constitutes good lending, assignments, bills of sale, caveats, charges, secured and unsecured debentures, goods as collateral, indemnity and guarantee, stocks and shares, searches as well as the laws and practices, relating to them.  
1993: 149pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 473 8: US$12.90  
Your Essential Guide to Banking in Malaysia   
Johnson Pang  
This is the most readable book on the banking industry in Malaysia which must be read and reread by everyone in the business, financial and investment world.  The main objective is to provide practical advice, explaining how complex financial instruments really work in actuality and what goes on in the banking industry in clear, non-technical language.  
1991: 284pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 361 8: US$8.90    
The Skills of Positive Image  
Judi James  
Bodytalk is a down-to-earth, essential guide to taking control of your image.  Aimed at everyone-from first time job hunters to long-term directors-it offers the invaluable chance to assess your own first impressions and plan your own self-marketing strategy.  
1996: 120pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 587 4: US$8.90  
For sale in Southeast Asia only   
A Strategic Guide to the World of Stocks and Shares   
C.E.M. Anderson  
Your strategic guide to the world of stocks and shares based upon a stock market trader's experiences.  This book reflects the personal experiences of the author who has spent years dabbling and polishing his strategy in the stock market since 1968 and who is still actively at it.   
1992: 200pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 383 9: US$12.90    
Leong Toong Peng  
Written for non-experts, this book furnishes useful and practical information on how loan applications are processed and approved.  The information would enable potential loan applicants to apply for loans without any hassle and in an effective and efficient manner.  Many still believe that the application for loans is a "sticky" business, the success of which to a certain extent is determined by who you know in the bank.  This book, however, aims to redress this misconception and equip readers with the essential knowledge and understanding towards enhancing their chances of success in this endeavour.  
1998: 172pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 624 2: US$11.90    
Management for Market Conquest  
Quek Swee Lip  
Using principles from Sun Tzu's Art of War, the 2,500-year-old classical treatise on military strategy and tactics, Ouek Swee Lip guides aspiring managers and entrepreneurs through the corporate battlefield, combining the ancient and modern into a winning formula for today's managers.  By skilfully applying Eastern warfare psychology to business, many companies today are renowned for their excellence in business.  By looking at all aspects of business, from risk management to cash flows, mission statements to Total Quality Management, this book is a practical handbook for any manager who wants to be on the winning team.  
1996: 173pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 564 5: US$12.90   
The Practice of Corporate Planning in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia  
B. C. Ghosh & Chan Chee Onn  
Essential elements of corporate planning practices in various small-and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore are explored.  The elements of corporate planning investigated include the decision-maker himself, the goals of the company, the alternatives, the information used in strategy formulation and the process of synthesis.  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 364 2: US$7.90    
Avoid Unforeseen Losses Due to Forex Fluctuations   
B. C Ghosh & Low Yue Heng  
Highly volatile financial markets and growing political and economic instability increase the risks of foreign exchange loss for multinational corporations whose operations are dependent on the international marketplace.  Learn how companies can adopt a progressive policy of managing foreign exchange exposures effectively.  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 372 3: US$8.90    
Alan Barker  
Quality without creativity is meaningless.  As change grows ever more unpredictable, creativity is rapidly becoming recognised as a core management skill.  Being able, not merely to solve problems, but to transform them and design ways through them, is what will mark you out as a succesful manager.  This book will show you how to develop your own creativity and make it an essential part of your managerial tool-kit.  
1996: 118pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 583 1:US$9.90  
 For sale in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines, Myanmar and Vietnam.  
Sue Morris  
Managed well, the outcome can lead to increased performance, a clearer understanding of required standards and, in the case of grievance, a balanced and unequivocal statement of fair play for all employees.  Even where dismissal is involved, adherence to correct procedures will minimise the difficulties and help avoid potential legal involvement.  This is a simple, comprehensive guide aimed at helping managers at all levels.  It uses examples and case law to highlight the key points every manager needs to know to be effective, fair and objective in this area.  
1994: 120pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 481 9: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.   
Johnson Pang  
Documentary credits have become the standard means of settling payments for exports and imports throughout the commercial world.  Likewise, documentary collections have also become popular.  These two books touch upon the various aspects of international and domestic trade, especially relating to documentary collections and documentary letters of credit, such as the various methods of trade settlement, advantages and disadvantages of documentary collections and documentary letters of credit, types of documentary credit and collection, liabilities and responsibilities, pitfalls to avoid, precautions to exercise and other considerations, procedures on application and amendment of documentary credits, presentation and negotiation of documents and interpretation of trade terms.  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 441 8    
A Practical Guide to China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand   
Paulson Ching  
This book offers essential tips to potential investors interested in business and investment opportunities in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.  It informs them what business sectors are open to them in the host country, the appropriate mode of market entry, how to obtain permission from the relevant authorities to establish a presence, how to find the right local partner, the minimum start-up capital required, the host country's foreign-exchange control policy, the degree of intellectual property protection and how to protect their interests.   
1994: 152pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 492 4: US$9.90   
Lo Kok Kee  
Dumb Money Investing is for the independent stock investor who wants to add a new level of sophistication to his adventures in making money.  
Whether you are a current or potential investor, it provides effective tactics vital to stay ahead in the rollicking stock market.  Being a savvy investor, you need the right tools and information to maximise profits and minimise risks.  With this book, you will be able to understand and utilise the technical measures and techniques employed by smart and experienced investors in making money in the stock market.  
This book is devised to help investors plan a long-term investment strategy that takes into account the risks and rewards of the stock market, which any rational investor can follow and implement without much difficulty in terms of financial resources, time and effort.   
Pb: ISBN 967 978 558 0: US$11.90    
Martha Reeves  
This book is a succinct and practical guide for those involved in training or personnel management.  It offers a simple explanation of the most common evaluation designs and methods, and provides many examples of how evaluation has been put into practice in many organisations.  It also gives practical advice about calculating the costs and benefits of training, and about how to structure an evaluation report.   
Pb: ISBN 967 978 483 5: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast  Asia.   
FINANCE AND BUDGETING FOR LINE MANAGERS Maximising your competency in handling your corporate finance and budgeting 
Anthony Greenall 
Here is a brand new easy-to-read guide for the manager who is new to finance and its intricacies.  As firms continue to downsize, more and more managers are faced with the prospects of controlling their own finances. 
Finance and Budgeting for Line Managers offers practical information on cashfiow and profit, financial ratios, interpreting a balance sheet, financial planning, revenue and capital, and preparing a departmental budget.  It provides an overview of finance as a whole which serves as an introduction to getting to grips with a budget "hands on".  After all, the success of the budgeting process depends as much, if not more, on an organised approach as on financial skills or technical knowledge.  
1997: 78pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 606 4: US$9.90 
For sale only in Southeast Asia.  
Johnson Pang  
This book touches on the practical aspects of banking, finance and commerce, covering the more important subject matters ranging from the early days of banking, relevant types of trade settlement and payments and receipts, practical aspects of documentary letters of credits relating to domestic business transactions and imports and exports, banking credit facilities and financing, foreign exchange matters, various types of banking services and facilities available, export credit insurance and electronic banking services.  
1988: 233pp  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 251 4: US$39.00    
Linda Ang  
The term "flexible wage system" has been advertised as a sort of "panacea" in curbing escalating wage costs.  It is seen as a wage system that would cater for both economic growth as well as economic downturn.This book will show us a more equitable remuneration scheme which could enhance the profitability of employers and the productivity of employees.  
1996: 36pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 546 7: US$7.90   
The Malaysian Experience  
Edited by Oli Mohamed  
Malaysia is one of the first countries to draft a national information policy.  This book contains twelve chapters by Malaysian librarians, academics and policy-makers, whose ideas and experience were the starting point for the creation of their country's national library and information services policy, and a chapter by Unesco consultant John Gray.  They provide guidelines and point out pitfalls for other countries, especially those in the developing world, who recognize the need for national policies of their own.  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 257 3: US$49.00    
Paul Selva Raj  
This is a comprehensive but concise guide on the management of small business.  The stress is on being practical rather than conceptual.  It helps to identify the areas of concern that small business owners should give serious consideration to as well as provides guidelines on how to act in these areas.  
1990: 104pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 309 X: US$9.90     
Linda Ang  
The alternative choice to conducting a domestic inquiry, as discovered by some employers, is however far more damaging.  It is, therefore, to the employer's advantage to ensure that domestic inquiries are conducted properly and that the principles of natural justice are closely adhered to.  This book is intended to dispute with the principles enunciated by the Industrial Court; the objective is to confine itself within the narrow context of a manual on how to conduct effective and sound domestic inquiry.  
1996: 46pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 534 3: US$7.90    
Creating Corporate Energy  
Art McNeil  
Presented in this book are simple, practical no-nonsense strategies to help managers become effective leaders - by sending out the right leader signals.  Don't just read this book; use it to get involved and start signalling your commitment to quality, innovation, customers and most important of all, to the people you manage.  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 282 4: US$14.90  
For sale only in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong    
Trevor L. Young  
This book provides the project leader with the essential actions to organise the project and establish the minimal procedures for effective control of the project when the actual work starts.  The essential management skills to achieve the desired results through monitoring and tracking the project are also included with checklists and practical advice.  It is recommended that this book be read in conjunction with Planning Projects.  
1994: 148pp  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 478 9: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.  
INTERPERSONAL SKILLS - Developing Successful Communication  
Astrid French  
Our personal skills are fundamental to our relationships with other people, both at work and in our private lives.  This action-based guide will help readers to improve interpersonal skills by becoming more aware of the way they communcate with others, developing a broader repertoire of behavioural skills and selecting the 'right' response at the right time  
1994: 67pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 476 2: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.    
ISLAMIC FINANCE - Partnership Financing Saad  
Abdul Sattar Al-Harran  
A book that proves the sceptics wrong that partnership financing is not achievable in an Islamic state.  The author has done extensive fieldwork and has gathered and analysed data to show that partnership financing is not only workable, but can be successful and will reduce much risk in financing projects such as those in the agricultural sector.  
1993: 428pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 446 0: US$39.00    
Trevor L. Young  
This book identifies practical steps and actions a project leader can take to be effective and ensure the successful completion of a project.  The leader's role is defined by three fundamental areas of action.  In each area, practical advice and checklists are given to help you be more effective in every aspect of leading the project team and plan for success.  
1994: 132pp   
Pb: ISBN 967 978 477 0: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.    
Alan Barker  
This book is a highly practical guide to making meetings efficient, productive and enjoyable.  It goes through the key stages of the meeting process - before, during and after, from three points of view the Chair, the Administrator, the Participants.  The final chapter looks at different kinds of business meetings and the special considerations that apply to each.  
1994: 101pp   
Pb: ISBN 967 978 482 7: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.    
MALAYSIA'S CAPITAL MARKET - Growth & Opportunities  
This book provides timely information about the Malaysian capital market and vital clues to future policy directions.  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 370 7: US$49.00    
MALAYSIAN SECURITIES MARKET - Indicator, Risk, Return, Efficiency and Inter-market Dependence  
Kok Kim Lian & Goh Kim Leng  
This book deals with important issues pertaining to the Malaysian stock market.  It addresses the major considerations in the constructions of a stock market index which is used to measure the performance of the overall stock market or a sector of the market.  It includes a detailed description of the construction of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Composite Index and the all-share Emas Index.  
1995: 138pp  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 509 2: US$49.00    
David Turner  
Many companies encourage their managers to use work itself as a medium for learning and development.  Using work-based activities and experience, individuals can organise their own development using methods which suit their particular learning needs.  In this way, an individual can exploit the resources, expertise and opportunities offered by the workplace. such development is significantly different from trainer-led learning and to undertake it, the learner has to explore new approaches and specialised "enabling skills".  This practical guide is aimed at achieving this.  
1997: 151pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 615 3: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.  
Roger Moores  
This book describes how high performing companies establish a link between their mission, goal and objectives, individual and team targets and employee development.  It discusses setting goals and targets, performance reviews, developing competencies for staff development, and using team meetings to manage performance.  The book also includes extensive appendices covering samples of necessary paper work, training options and bibliography.  
1996: 153pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 586 6: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.   
Richard J. Maturi  
This book reveals a wide range of often poorly understood investments that can add value to anyone's portfolio.  From convertibles and metals, to options and foreign stocks, the author explores a full array of alternative investments that should be examined by any serious investor and shows you how to use them to reduce portfolio risk and achieve higher overall returns.  This book deserves to be read by everyone concerned with constructing a long-term investment programme.  
1994: 205pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 525 4: US$12.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia    
Designing Effective Compensation Strategies  
This book offers sound guidelines on corporate pay management.  It provides invaluable insights into how this can be achieved through meaningful, well-structured pay and benefits system.  Managers, executives, trade unionists and the general reader with limited exposure to trade and industry will find this book essential reading.   
1996: 345pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 571 8: US$19.90    
Khoo Kheng-Hor & Yap Boon Huan  
A useful and time-saving reference book for the busy managers who may be required to know or implement the practical aspects of personnel management like what to do when faced with the first letter from a union seeking recognition; how to write a Charge Sheet or how to prepare a Notice of Inquiry to an errant employee.  The manual also discusses the various documentation in use in the area of personnel management.  
161 pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 406 1: US$11.90    
Linda Ang  
Based on current Malaysian labour laws and employment practices, this book contains samples of various forms, letters, notices and agreements, giving in each case the required content and structure.  For quick reference, the documents in this practical manual have been organized into seven parts: Recruitment, Employee Handbooks, Employment, Performance Appraisal, Employer-Employee Relations, Discipline in Industry, and Termination of Employment.  
1994: 211pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 490 8: US$19.90    
The Art of Attracting, Motivating and Keeping People   
Khoo Kheng-Hor  
Personnel Policies contains the prerequisite crafts for all managers who deal with employees.  It discusses not only personnel policies but also helps to cultivate the ability to formulate them to synchronise with the business of the establishment.  The most invaluable feature of this book is the simple and direct approach towards perfecting the art.  The fundamentals are given in point form within the last chapter for quick and easy desktop reference.  
1995: 154pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 537 8: US$11.90   
PLANNING PROJECTS - 20 Steps to Effective Project Planning  
Trevor L. Young  
The key to successful project management is careful planning, not only of time and resources, but also to establish a team of people with the appropriate skills to complete the project successfully.  This book offers the project leader a concise step-by-step approach, from initial definition to preparation of implementation.  A worked example of a typical project illustrates the essential steps, supported by checklists and practical advice.  
1994: 149pp   
Pb: ISBN 967 978 479 7: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.   
Reg Hamilton  
This book is the first to describe not only what competent mentors do but the skills they need to be effective.  It is a step-by-step guide to being a good mentor and will be invaluable to anyone who wants to help another to learn more from their work or other experience.  It is also essential reading for anyone contemplating introducing mentoring into their organisation.  
1994: 12Opp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 470 3: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.    
Alastair Fraser & Suzanne Neville  
Teambuilding reviews the process and shows how teamworking has helped organisations to greater effectiveness.  This succinct review of modern teamwork and theory uses practical examples to show the outcome of "stop and think" techniques and provides a framework to understand the culture of organisation, discover the difference between team role and team function, identity your own preferences, develop your team and handle conflict.  
1994: 86pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 463 0: US$9.90  
For sale only in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam    
George Okaonu Tasie  
Public sector administration and management is the art and science of practical management of public affairs and the implementation of public policies through planning, management and information systems, organisation, staffing, leadership, communication, budgeting and financial management.  This book will serve as an invaluable resource material for those studying and researching in fields such as comparative public sector administration and management, human resource management and development, political science, planning, industrial relations, philosophy, anthropology, sociology and the like.   
1997: 161pp  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 607 2: US$49.00    
SINGAPORE BANKING & YOU - Your Essential Guide To Banking And International Trade In Singapore  
Johnson Pang  
This is the most readable book on banking and international trade in Singapore.  It is compulsory reading for everyone in the business and financial world as well as those serious about the personal management of money.  
1991: 395pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 393 6: US$11.90    
STAFF INDUCTION - Organising Effective Employee - Centred Induction Training for Organisational Success  
Paul Davis  
Staff induction is aimed at all those involved in the induction of staff.  Besides offering practical advice and checklists, it covers key topics such as characteristics of successful induction schemes; structure of the induction process; induction training methods; evaluating induction training.  
1997: 85pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 614 5: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.   
Gary Parker Chapin & T Liam McDonald  
Based on the Sun Tzus Art of War, the intrepid researchers Gary Parker Chapin and T. Liam McDonald now introduce the recently discovered Sun Tzu's Ancient Art of Golf, a never-before-seen manual of astounding relevance to golfers anywhere.  From time-honored truths to tactical maneuvers, this work proves that, even on the green, it pays to listen to one's elders.  
1996: 92pp  
 Pb: ISBN 967 978 556 4: US$7.90  
Khoo Kheng-Hor  
Sun Tzu's Art of War is a classical treatise on military strategy written approximately 2,500 years ago.  It has inspired some of history's greatest military victories.  Asian warlords for centuries have followed Sun Tzu's principles.  This book is devoted to the relationships between warfare and politics, diplomacy, philosophy and management.   
1992: 207pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 424 X: US$12.90    
Translated by Hwang Chung-Mei  
Why are Japanese companies today so renowned for their success in business?  It is because their executives study and practise Sun Tzu's principles!  It is time we catch up with them; it is time we go back to the basics; it is time we pay serious attention to the Art of War.  
1992: 54pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 404 5: US$6.90   
Khoo Kheng-Hor  
Whether your are a CEO, an upcoming execuitve aspiring towards CEOship, or an execuitve who is committed to being an effective leader, you will find this book an indispensable guide in your climb up the corporate ladder.  
1997: 144pp  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 594 7: US$39.00  
Pb: US$14.90  
Debra Allcock  
Today's managers are expected to achieve more with fewer people and fewer resources, yet the amount of time available to get work done remains the same.  This book is essential reading for managers who need to achieve more in their working day without having to work long hours.  The book gives practical advice and tips on how to make the most of working time.  
1996: 102pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 584 X: US$8.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.   
How to Make Big Money in Bull Markets   
Charles J. Caes  
This book provides tactics necessary to stay ahead in the rollicking bull market.  Investors cannot sit back and wait for profits to roll in.  Though it is possible to profit during a bull market, it is just as easy to be trampled in the stampede.  Savvy investors need the right tools to maximize profits and minimize risks.  
1995: 268pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 524 6: US$14.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia    
Jacquie Bambrough  
This book is aimed at individuals new to the responsibilities of training and development and covers key areas such as the role of training and development, defining training and development needs, designing and developing training and development programmes and evaluating training.  
1994: 78pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 480 0: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.   
Values and Strategies Towards Vision 2020   
Michael Yeoh  
This book brings you the most effective management concepts, techniques, styles and tricks that need to be adopted to achieve Vision 2020.  It stimulates strategic and creative thinking among corporate managers and executives on what need to be done so that Malaysian organizations can compete more effectively in the 1990s and beyond.   
1995: 133p  
Hb: ISBN 967 978 552 1: US$49.00   
Khoo Kheng-Hor  
This is a practical guide to applying the principles outlined in Sun Tzu's Art of War to corporate practices in today's workplace.  It presents Sun Tzu's sayings in memorandum format suitably interpreted and applied to areas such as interpersonal relationships, productivity and profitability.  
1990: 128pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 340 5: US$9.90    
A Manager's Guide  
Debra Allcock  
This book shows how managers and secretaries can work together in partnership to improve efficiency and performance.  The book covers time management, paperwork, meetings, dictation and effective delegation.  
1994: 84pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 501 7: US$9.90  
For sale only in Southeast Asia.    
Elizabeth Cook  
This book is essential reading for both newcomers to the secretarial profession, and those wishing to update and refresh their ideas.  Each chapter provides practical advice on the steps needed to improve the working partnership of secretaries and managers.  Areas covered include roles and responsibilities, time management, communication and delegation.  
1994: 87pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 493 2: US$9.90   
For sale only in Southeast Asia.