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Category : Health And Medicine
Lim Kean Ghee  
This book serves four groups of doctors.  First, the practising doctor who needs to know the pattern of disease in his locality.  Second, the investigator who in observing a trend of disease in his locality and wants to do a study and needs to know a little about the work that has already been done in that area.  Third, the administrator who may perhaps gain some information useful in his task of distributing health and medical resources.  Finally, the medical student who Will become one of the three groups above.  This book is divided into sections devoted to different aspects of medicine that has been observed and reported by local experts.  
1993: 423pp  
Pb: ISBN 967 978 468 1: US$39.00  
The Most Complete and Up-to-date & Easy-to-use Medical/First Aid Book for Parents 
Edited by Dr Terril H. Hart 
This book is complete with treatments for over 150 common children's illnesses, injuries and emergencies.  Everything from chicken pox to broken bones.  It is also designed to make information as fast to get at as possible.  You can tell at a glance whether your child's illness or injury is one you can treat yourself or one that requires professional advice or care.  For problems you can treat at home, supplies and treatment are clearly laid out in numbered steps or buileted items, and they are illustrated whenever necessary. 
1995: 227pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 527 0: US$11.90 
For sale only in Malaysia  
Stephen T Chang 
The author here explains how, by performing a series of mild, almost effortless internal exercises, you can energise the body's own life-force to repel fatigue, illness and disease and prevent their return.  By conquering stress, fear and the symptoms of old age, you can live with a sense of ease and excitement knowing that your previous ailments are very much a thing of the past. 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 298 4: US$12.90 
For sale only in South-east Asia 
An Indispensable Guide for Parents 
Dr Liew Poo Cheng 
The purpose of this book is to educate parents on the importance of early detection to prevent illnesses and complications.  With early detection, prompt diagnosis and proper treatment, many potentially serious illnesses and health conditions can be avoided, while the impact of others can be greatly lessened. 
1995: 109pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 513 0: US$7.90 
Malaysian Diabetes Association 
A must for those in need of a practical book on diet and diabetes.  The topics range from balanced diet, fast food, food label reading, sweeteners, fats, fruit, alcohol, eating out to exercises illustrated with photographs, tables and charts to facilitate better understanding.  
1993: 93pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 453 3: US$7.90 
Helen McKinnon Doan 
Pregnancy not only changes a woman's body.  It revolutionises her whole life.  In this warm, personal and well-researched book, the author offers a thorough account of the physical, emotional and social experiences of this still-mysterious process by which we all come into the world.  During the 70's, we learned much about new-borns, but during the 80's we have witnessed startling discoveries about life in the womb.  These findings are presented by the author.  She describes the physical changes for a woman as pregnancy develops and answers questions about the birth process itself. 
1990: 227pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 351 0: US$8.90 
For sale only in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong 
Dr Sivalingam Nalliah 
Much has been written on the various types of cancers, causes of cancer, researches on cancer cures, etc.  However, little has been written to help the victim face and live with the disease.  This book is therefore an attempt to meet this need.  It will inform the patient on what to expect during and after the various therapies, what the dos and don'ts are, and how to live with cancer. 
1993: 124pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 456 8: US$7.90 
1,2 & 3 
K. Chandra Shekhar 
The use of Multiple Choice Questions is an efficient way to test oneself thoroughly on a particular subject.  Apart from being a self-assessment test, MC0s on Parasitology is a tool for quick revision before examinations.  The choice answers given are varied and yet almost similar that only one who is truly meticulous will detect the correct one.  
1993: Vol. 1, 129pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 441 X: US$9.90 
1993: Vol. 2,148pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 442 8: US$9.90 
1993: Vol. 3, 206pp 
Pb:  ISBN 967 978 443 6: US$9.90 
lean Hamzah Sendut, Zulkifli Ismail & Hany Ariffin 
This book is designed to broaden your experience and stimulate your thought.  It will not substitute the hours of practice required to become a competent medical student, let alone a houseman.  Paediatrics cannot- and must not-be learnt sitting down; it is learnt in the wards amongst the crying and hollering for a cry in itself is a sign that often gives an astute medical student a clue to the child's condition.  
1996: 203pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 563 7:  US$29.00 
Edited by M.J. Robinson & E.L Lee 
This book is an ideal book for under-graduate medical students, doctors and senior nurses.  It covers the whole spectrum of childhood problems that are likely to be encountered in these regions.  The time allocated for the teaching of paediatrics in most medical schools is limited because of the crowded curriculum.  With this in mind, this book has been written in a concise and comprehensive manner, complemented by diagrams, illustrations, photographs and radiograms.  
1994: 502pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 499 1: US$39.00 
Dr Moses Wong 
It has been estimated that about twenty per cent of normal adults suffer from insomnia and other sleep-related disorders.  This book has been written especially for the many of us who suffer from various forms of sleep disorders.  Besides outlining the causes of and remedies for insomnia, the book offers information on the nature of sleep - why and how we steep, dreams and related useful background information.  
1990: 133pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 312 X 
For sale only in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, HongKong 
V Mohan 
Discover a new, holistic approach to handle and control stress.  This book is about managing your stress and discovering "the art of joyful living" amidst your daily hectic life.  You will achieve total emotional and physical well-being by learning to take artful control of stress, and to utilise it to your advantage.  Living a happy life can now be yours.  
1995: 143pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 532 7: US$9.90 
A Guide For Women Considering Sterilisation 
Caroline de Costa 
The author, an experienced gynaecologist, discusses the physiology of reproduction, methods of sterilisation and the nature of the surgical procedures involved in a simple jargon-free manner with the help of illustrations where possible.  She also assesses the advantages and disadvantages of the operation, possible causes of failure and its reversibility.  She also discusses the long-term psychological effects and why some women are much more likely than others to regret having their tubes tied. 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 330 8: US$7.90 
For sale only in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, China, Philippines and Myanmar 
Helen Lawrence 
This book covers women from adolescence to old age.  It promotes a fuller understanding of your anatomy and the changes it goes through over the years.  The author aims to help you through those stages through puberty, your first sexual experience and sexual fulfiiment throughout your life; in pregnancy, preparing and giving birth as comfortably as possible, and healing the body after it; with problems such as prolapse or incontinence which may affect women after giving birth and in later life; and help to counter the effects of normal physical wear-and-tear, such as back pain, obesity, stress, high blood pressure, etc. 
1991: 212pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 348 9: US$8.90 
For sale only in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Hong Kong 
WORMS - The Forgotten Enemy  
Chua Sau Pheng 
This is an attempt to give pertinent information about the common parasitic worms found in the intestines of children.  The existence of these parasitic worms in children's body affects their physical and intellectual growth. 
171 pp 
Hb: ISBN 967 978 403 7: US$29.00 
Dr Bob Montgomery and Dr Laurel Morris 
Are you overweight9 Understand why you eat too much and learn what you can do about it, the painless way.  You can enjoy your food and still lose weight; Hate exercise?  Take responsibility for your health and learn the benefits of moderate exercise; Do you want to quit smoking?  Try our tested, research-based programme for becoming an ex-smoker; Do you drink unwisely?  Measure your response to alcohol and learn how to cut back if you need to and increase your enjoyment when you do drink. 
1991: 263pp 
Pb: ISBN 967 978 348 0: US$8.90 
For sale only in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Hong Kong